Selling my jewelry in real life

28 12 2009

I’ve been selling my jewelry online for a while now. I have been selling it through online auctions and in my own online store.
December was a great time, even for me – without being in this for a long time, without contacts, without great ad campaign etc.
During first three weeks of December more than 200 items were sold ! That is amazing!!!

But… this is not the best way to do it, so I thought I have to make changes to get ready for the spring, summer … and next Xmas :-).

First – I have to write to all online galleries (that get many, many hits and sales) that sell handmade goods. There are plenty of them in Poland – about 20-25 – but the most important are three. Those three have about 80% share of this market. They don’t let everyone in. I have to send them photos of my works, a few words about me, and then they will decide if I am accepted or not.

Second – I have to find real life stores and galleries that sell handmade goods. Those sell even more. Especially in places where lot of tourists pass by. I know a few stores like that, but I will have to search for more – not all of them will want to sell my things.

There is a small “catch” – 90% of those stores don’t buy things they sell. They accept consigment. For me this means that I have to invest money (quite a lot frankly) to be able to send them a decent sized collection. What more, I have to accept the risk of getting unsold pieces wasted, so I won’t be able to sell them anymore. Of course – I will eventually earn on this, but the problem is that it is postponed…

Anyway, I will try to expand. What was first a hobby has to be now main source of income for my family, at least for some time. I have to do it as professional as possible, and I am sure it will eventually pay off.




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